#FRANGLAIS - Stand up comedy 50% in French et 50% en anglais.

How many kisses do you have to do when saying hello? 
Pourquoi y-a-t’il 15 jours dans 2 semaines? 
Why are French anglicisms not real English words? 

Ce sont des questions que Paul Taylor se pose tous les jours. Paul is a bilingual Brit confused about his identity. Il parle français comme un Froggy mais il pense comme un Rosbif. This is why, in 2015, he quit his job at Apple to take to the stage and find some answers.


Sentier des Halles - Every Friday and Saturday - 9:30pm. Tickets: Sentier des Halles - BilletReducFNAC - TicketMasterTicketac - Théâtre Online

La Nouvelle Eve - March 30th - 8pm. A special, one-off extended show with special guests en première partie! Tickets: BilletReduc - FNAC

L'Européen - Coming soon!

On Tour

Aix-en-Provence - April 6th - 7:15pm - Café Théâtre de la Fontaine d'Argent. SOLD OUT - 2ND SHOW ADDED AT 9pm Tickets: Le Théâtre - BilletReduc - FNAC - 

Nantes - April 27th - 8:30pm - Le Théâtre 100 Noms. Tickets: Digitick - BilletReduc - FNAC